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Search by Legal Description

To search by legal description, click the Subdivision Search tab on the valuation lookup page. Type the subdivision name, and enter the lot and block numbers below.

Subdivision Search Example:


Search by Parcel ID or Key No.

You may search using a Parcel number in the format 1234567890.

You may search using a Key Number in the format 3456 7890 12.

Parcel ID Search Example:


Key No. Search Example:

Search by Address

You may enter part, or all of the address you are looking for into the address search. For example, if you are looking for 1819 Farnam St, you can use the fields House # (1819), and Street Name (Farnam), or you could simply use the House # (1819) field.

Address Search Example 1:


You may enter as little information as you want on the address search.  If you use the previous example, you could enter House # (1819), and Street Name (Far), and still get the desired result.  If you are having trouble finding a property, use less information to broaden the search.

Address Search Example 2:

Street Suffixes:

        AV:       Avenue
        BLVD:     Boulevard

        CR:       Circle

        CT:       Court

        DR:       Drive

        DR-E:     Drive East

        DR-S:     Drive South

        HWY:      Highway

        LANE:     Lane

        PLAZA:    Plaza

        PL:       Place

        PT:       Point

        PKWY:     Parkway

        PKWY-N:   Parkway North

        PKWY-S:   Parkway South

        RD:       Road

        ST:       Street

        ST-E:     Street East

        ST-S:     Street South

        TRAIL:    Trail

        TERRACE:  Terrace

Search by Name

To search by name on residential property, start with the last name. If you want to narrow your search further, you can use a space after the last name and use part or all of the first name you are looking for. If you were looking for property owned by John Doe, your search could look like this:

Name Search


To search by name on a property owned by a company or organization, type all or part of the name of that company or organization. If you were looking for property owned by Douglas County, your search could look like this:


Sales Search

The sales search is designed to allow a user to search for any valid Real Estate sale in Douglas County from 2000 to present. You may use as much or as little criteria as you would like. As with most searches, if you use more search criteria, fewer results will be found. This search is limited to a maximum of 500 results per search. Below is a list of how each criteria field affects your search.

 Sales Search


If you would like to search the for sales in the entire county leave this box blank. Otherwise, you may select multiple subdivisions by typing the subdivision name and clicking each subdivision you would like to search.  

Sale Date

When you click these fields, your web browser will present you with a calendar.  First set the month and year, and select the day last by clicking on the corresponding number.  Sale dates go from 2000 to present. 

Improved or Vacant

Use drop down box to choose if you are looking for lots that have been built on, or vacant lots without buildings or pavement. 

Sales Price

You may enter a desired sales price range in order to return only sales within the specified range.  Do not include dollar signs or commas in these fields.  You may also leave these fields blank if you do not wish to filter by sales price.

Size (Square Feet)

Size refers to the size of the houses or buildings that will be returned in the search.  If you are doing a search for vacant parcels, select Acres as the unit of measurement. If you are searching improved parcels, use SqFt as your unit of measurement. As with sales price, do not use commas in these fields.  If the size of the parcel or improvement does not matter to you, you may leave these fields blank, and all sizes will be reflected in your search results.

Year Built

You may enter a range of years here to return sales of parcels that have houses or buildings built within a certain timeframe. If you are doing a search for vacant parcels, always leave these fields blank.  If the year a structure was built does not matter to you, you may leave these fields blank, and all available years will be reflected in your search results.

Style Name

Style name refers to the type of building on a particular parcel.  You may select multiple styles by clicking a style name in the drop down box. If style of a building does not matter to you, you may click the select all styles checkbox.

Account Type

Account type is the type of property you wish to search for.  If you are not sure what account type you are looking for, you may leave this blank, and all account types will be reflected in your search results.

Zip Code:

You can narrow your search to a specific zip code using this field.

Within Distance

You can narrow your search to proximity of a certain parcel by entering a parcel ID in the Of field, and selecing a set number of feet, meters, or miles from the Distance and Units fields.